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A Guide to the Sake Brands
of Kyoto Fushimi

Kinshi Masamune

Preserving tradition whilst looking for new possibilities in sake brewing

Kinshi Masamune Co., Ltd. 337-1 Shinmachi 11-chome, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City
Tel: 075-611-5201 Fax: 075-611-0080

In 1781 Matsuya Kyubee began brewing sake in Nakagyo-Sakaimachi, taking advantage of the outstanding spring water there. In 1880 the company was relocated to Fushimi due to its outstanding spring water. In 1995 Kinshi Masamune introduced a revolutionary brewing system housed in their new brewery called Shintokiwa-gura. The company is active in maintaining traditions as well as developing new techniques and harnessing new technologies. In 2013 the company began pushing the concept of Kyo-jikomi (prepared in Kyoto) as the brand slogan of its Kinshi Masamune series, a higher-quality sake from Kyoto.