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A Guide to the Sake Brands
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Gekkeikan Sake Company, Ltd. 247 Minamihama-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City
TEL: 075-623-2001 FAX: 075-623-2048

Founded in 1637 in Fushimi, the Gekkeikan symbol - meaning victory and merit - was adopted by the company in 1905. The company opened the Okura Sake Brewing Research Institute and was one of the first breweries to actively introduce scientific techniques and advances into the sake making process. Gekkeikan is constantly striving to increase the quality of their sake products. The company has debuted a number of products on the market, from bottled sake with no added preservatives and a small container-and-cup set that was sold at train stations. These innovations made the name Gekkeikan known across the country.
The company is still making innovative products to this day, such as the zero-sugar carbohydrate refined sake being sold all over Japan. Not only is Gekkeikan sake shipped overseas, the company has begun producing sake in the United States, and in this way Gekkeikan is contributing to the growth of sake culture worldwide.