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More than just an outstanding sake brand—looking for a new challenge

Tsurumasa Shuzo Co., Ltd. 474 Higashisakai-machi, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City
Tel: 075-611-0221 Fax: 075-601-6385

Established as the Tani Shuzo Honten in 1891, Tsurumasa maintains the rights and the trademarks from the time the company was founded. In 1970 the company was restructured and renamed Tsurumasa Shuzo. Tsurumasamune, by Tani Shuzo Honten, is highly valued and was awarded the prestigious Eda Prize in Product Technology by the Society of Fermentation Technology. The company is serious about its efforts to retain techniques as well as maintain tradition. Tsurumasa has won gold awards at the Annual Japan Sake Awards, and their special class sake Kyoto Gozan no Shiki enjoys glowing reviews.